Eldur og Is Software

We build software, specializing in super fast Progressive Web Applications and microservices to create data driven applications on any platform.

We develop software.

We love developing software. All aspects of it, from idea and concept to architecture, design, from coding and testing to deployment, operation and maintenance.

This is our thing. This is our passion. This is why.

What we do

We develop software that is useful, logical and entertaining and first and foremost enriches our users daily lives. One application at a time.

Frontend development

We build elegant, powerful frontend software that is clear, and drives results.

Backend development

We build server-side software and microservices that drive your systems.

Mobile development

Whether through a native app or PWA, your product will reach the mobile audience.

How we do it

Crafting a project with Eldur og Is Software is higly flexible. Our whole process evolves around being agile and adaptable to your needs.

Needs and requirements change as they become visible and tangible. A software project evolves as it progresses. There needs to be room to revise, adjust course along the way to end up with the desired product.

We believe that no software can be matured before it is concieved. Writing up specifications, developing for months, getting dissapointed. Repeating this process over and over again, until the dissapointment is minimal is expensive and unforfilling. This is not how we do things.

We do not do fixed price projects. When you trust us with your project, we draw up a contract to implement a few features at a time. Two week intervals of feature releases where you will be totally involved. You get to review your project every two weeks and make adjustments for the next two week interval.

We talk with you. A lot.

During development of each two week increment, we talk on a daily basis about details of features being developed. Short, sweet and to the point.

We build.

At each two week increment, we build, test and integrate agreed features.

We demonstrate progress.

After each two week increment, we show off what has been achieved so far. Your project may still be young or it may be shaping up to what you are expecting.

You adjust the course.

Need a new feature? Is your product's look and feel headed in the right direction? Now is the time to make corrections, not when we are done.

Who we are

We are two generations of software craftsmen with over 30 years of experience in software development.

We have built software for and touched the lives of people in the insurance industry, the lottery world, those who have used airline reservations, use online banks and use products from the telecom business.

We are located in the southern part of Zealand, Denmark, but as global as they get.

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Telephone: +45 40 10 51 63